flip shelf
by hviid damsbo
inside oak  —  outside oak  —  white  —  burnt umber  —  pure ochre  —  night blue


flip shelf is made of a painted or oak-veneered waterproof 6 mm mdf plate.


h33 x w25 x d25 (29,5) cm.

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hviid damsbo

the designers

hviid damsbo is a design collaboration between copenhagen-based architects and designers kevin hviid and mikkel damsbo.

flip shelf

the flip bookshelf is both a square, a hexagon and a trapezoid form imposed on each other. a simple manipulation of the edges creates a bookshelf that can be perceived differently depending on your viewpoint, or the way you flip it. at its base, it is still a square and functional box, great for storing books, or creating a playful frame around your everyday objects.