frame tray
by johansen faurschou
verdigris green  —  warm grey  —  night blue  —  soft nude  —  burnt umber  —  pure ochre
verdigris green  —  burnt umber  —  warm grey  —  soft nude  —  pure ochre  —  night blue
verdigris green  —  night blue  —  warm grey  —  soft nude  —  burnt umber  —  pure ochre


frame tray is made of a painted waterproof 6 mm mdf plate with hardwood sides. pure ochre, night blue, soft nude and warm grey are made with 3 mm oak sides. burnt umber is made with 3 mm walnut sides.


small h2,2 x d11,1 x w32,4 medium h2,2 x d23,2 x w34 large h2,2 x d35,6 x w50,6 cm.

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johansen faurschou

the designers

johansen faurschou is a collaboration between the designers anita johansen and laura faurschou. the collection ‘frame’ is johansen faurschou’s first commercial initiative.

frame tray

the frames are meant to function as a frame and foundation for the exhibitions we create in our homes – a way of organizing one’s things. frame tray is ideal to organize all kind of personal belongings – from the different oils or condiments in the kitchen to perfumes and jewelry in the boudoir or tools and pencils in the office.