How To Fix A Ring Light That Won't Turn On

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your trusty ring light just won’t turn on? I know I have, and let me tell ya – it’s frustrating! But don’t pull your hair out just yet.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through all the possible reasons your ring light refuses to illuminate and how to troubleshoot each one. Consider me your ring light mechanic – except I don’t charge by the hour!

By the end, your ring light will be glowing brighter than your smiles at family photo time. Let’s get crackin’!

Check Power Source and Cables

First thing’s first – gotta make sure your ring light is actually getting juice.

Start by checking that your light is plugged into a working outlet or another power source like a USB port. Try plugging another device like a phone charger into the same outlet to make sure it’s active.

If the outlet is working, inspect your cables next. Loose, damaged, or faulty power cables are often the culprits behind dark ring lights.

Wiggle the cable connections and watch for any flickering – that’s a sign of a loose wire. Also examine the length of the cable for frays, cracks, or exposed metal which indicates damage.

If your cables check out, consider trying a different power cable if you have a spare. The one currently connected to your light could have an internal break that’s invisible to the naked eye.

For battery-powered ring lights, check that the batteries are oriented correctly and fully secured in the battery pack. Even if you think the batteries are placed right, take them all out and reinsert them to ensure a proper connection.

While you’re at it, try replacing the batteries with brand new ones for max power. You’d be surprised how a nearly-dead battery can shut off electronics completely.

Verify App Connectivity and Settings

If your ring light relies on a smartphone app to control it, connectivity issues in the app can prevent your light from turning on.

Start by launching the app and checking that your light is listed as a connected device. Toggle any notifications or alerts related to the light on and off.

If you don’t see any lights connected in the app, remove and reinstall the app to reset any glitches. When you reconnect, be sure to enable all notifications for your ring light.

While you have the app open, poke around the motion detection settings too. If your light uses motion sensors to activate, improperly configured sensitivity levels could be the reason it’s not triggering.

But more on fine-tuning motion settings later. For now, focus on app connectivity.

Adjust Motion Detection Settings

If your ring light uses motion sensors, they may need a sensitivity tweak to get back in the business of illuminating.

Too high of a sensitivity can cause false motion triggers from small pets or blowing leaves. Scale back the sensitivity incrementally until triggers are reliable, but not overzealous.

On the flip side, a sensitivity set too low can prevent the motion sensors from detecting movement at normal ranges. Bump up the levels until motion is consistently detected.

Finding the right balance takes experimenting, so change the settings gradually and test frequently by walking in front of the light. Get your steps in for optimal motion detection!

Power Cycle the Light

Power cycling any electronic device often works wonders to clear up buggy behavior. It essentially functions as a reset button.

Start by completely disconnecting your ring light from power – unplug it from the wall, remove batteries, etc. Leave it disconnected for a full 60 seconds.

This brief power deprivation clears any cached data and resets the light’s internal circuitry.

After 60 seconds, reconnect the power source and cross your fingers as you turn the light back on!

Reset Your Ring Light to Factory Settings

If your ring light acts finicky even after a power cycle, it may need a deeper factory reset. Check the user manual or online guides for your specific model’s reset procedure.

Generally, factory resetting involves locating a small pinhole or button on the light and pressing it in a certain sequence while the light is on.

Hold it down for up to 30 seconds until the light flashes, signaling all settings have been erased and returned to out-of-the-box condition.

Once reset, you’ll have to reconnect and set up your light from scratch, including reconfiguring motion settings. But this total internal wipe has the best chance of exorcising any lingering glitches!

Update Light Firmware

Much like apps on your phone, your ring light relies on firmware – low-level software that operates the electronics.

Buggy firmware can cause all sorts of weird behaviors. Open the ring light’s app and check for any available firmware updates.

Install the latest firmware version and enjoy the benefits of up-to-date programming tailored to fix bugs and optimize performance.

Updating firmware is one of the easiest troubleshooting steps with huge potential payoff. Don’t skip it!

Move Light Closer to Router

If your ring light connects via WiFi and uses a bridge or hub accessory, placement of the light relative to the router matters.

Lights located far from the router – like in the backyard or down the street – can struggle to maintain a solid WiFi connection. This leads to potential turn-on troubles.

Try relocating the light closer to the router to extend the usable WiFi range. For most models, staying within 30 feet of the router provides the strongest signal.

But every home’s wireless network is different, so experiment with placement starting near the router, then slowly moving the light farther away while testing.

Contact Ring Customer Support

At this point in our troubleshooting journey, if your ring light still refuses to glow, it’s time to call in reinforcements.

Reach out to Ring customer support either by phone, email, or chat. Clearly explain the issue, walk through your troubleshooting steps, and provide as much detail as possible.

Support reps can use your information to diagnose problems and pinpoint whether a hardware malfunction is preventing your light from activating.

For connectivity issues, they can also analyze wireless strength logs and other technical data to identify gaps in communication.

If support determines your light needs replacement parts or a full swap due to defects, they can assist with warranty and replacement procedures too.

Get a Replacement

If all signs point to a faulty light unit, then replacement is your last resort to restoration. Start by contacting the retailer you purchased from regarding returns, repairs, or warranty.

Have your order information handy, and be ready to provide details about troubleshooting attempts. Photos or videos clearly showing the issue will also help your case.

Under most standard warranties, a demonstrable defect within 1-2 years of purchase will qualify you for a replacement. But every retailer is different, so review policies carefully.

While waiting for a replacement, try finding a temporary fill-in light. I know I’d be lost without my ring light in a pinch! The glow must go on.

Preventative Maintenance Tips

Take the lessons learned from this troubleshooting journey and apply them to prevent future issues!

Keep your light in peak condition by tightening fittings when needed, but not to the point over over-tightening. Protect the unit from weather exposure when possible.

Stay on top of those firmware updates so your light always runs the latest programming. Periodically clean the lenses and motion sensors with a microfiber cloth to maintain dust-free operation.

If electrical issues persist, consider hiring an electrician to inspect wiring for faults that could cause intermittent power to your light.


We covered a ton of ground troubleshooting why your ring light refuses to shine. With any luck, one of the steps illuminated the path to getting your light operational once again.

The key troubleshooting takeaways:

  • Check power cables and sources
  • Confirm app connectivity
  • Adjust motion detection settings
  • Power cycle the light
  • Factory reset if needed
  • Update firmware
  • Optimize WiFi placement
  • Call customer support!

Don’t lose hope if the first few attempts don’t work. Finding the root cause just takes persistence. And soon enough, your ring light will be glowing good as new.

Now get out there and light up the night! Just please, point it away from your neighbor’s windows. Dazzling lights are best shared with the world, not unwilling participants trying to watch Netflix.