What Color Curtains Go With Beige Walls

Have you noticed how beige walls are everywhere these days? Neutral wall colors like beige, tan, and taupe have been dominating home decor trends for years. And for good reason – they provide a clean, airy backdrop that works with almost any style.

But just because beige walls are versatile doesn’t mean choosing window treatments is easy. What color curtains go best with beige walls? The options seem endless!

In this article, we’ll walk through the factors to keep in mind when selecting curtain colors for beige walls. We’ll also recommend specific neutral and contrasting curtain colors that complement beige walls beautifully. Follow our guide, and you’ll be able to pick curtain colors with confidence.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Curtain Colors for Beige Walls

When trying to determine what color curtains look best with beige walls, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Desired Contrast or Harmony

First, decide if you want your curtains to blend in with the beige walls or stand out from them. Choosing curtain colors in the same neutral color family will create a harmonious, monochromatic look. Opting for more saturated, vivid curtain colors will make the windows pop as a contrasting focal point.

Mood You Want to Create

The color and style of your curtains will affect the overall mood or atmosphere of the room. For instance, darker or heavier curtains can feel cozy and dramatic, while sheer and light-colored curtains evoke an airy, carefree vibe. Consider the ambiance you want before selecting a color.

Existing Furniture and Decor

Take into account the overall color palette and style of the room when choosing curtain colors. Look at furniture finishes, artwork on the walls, throw pillows, area rugs – any element with color. You’ll want your curtain color to complement what’s already there.

Amount of Natural Light

The volume of sunlight streaming into a room should influence your curtain color choice. Darker colors can help dim overly bright rooms, while pale colors illuminate dark spaces. Sheers diffuse sunlight nicely.

Best Neutral Curtain Colors for Beige Walls

If you want to play it safe by pairing beige walls with other neutral curtain colors, you have lots of stylish options. Here are some of our favorites:

Beige on Beige (Monochrome Look)

Selecting beige curtains is an easy way to create a peaceful, monochromatic look. The exact shades don’t have to match perfectly. In fact, vary the tones and textures to add subtle visual interest. Billowy beige linen or textured beige velvet offer flair.


Nothing feels fresher than crisp white. Hang flowing white sheers to enhance the airier qualities of beige walls. Or make a statement with thick white drapes in luxurious fabrics like satin. All-white schemes pair nicely with wood furniture.

Off-White (Ivory, Cream, Ecru)

The off-white color family adds warmth that stark white lacks. Ivory and cream have yellow undertones that tie in with beige’s earthier notes. Ecru resembles some beige shades. These romantic, vintage-inspired off-whites look beautiful in bedrooms.

Brown (Tan, Taupe, Chocolate)

Rich coffee-colored browns are beige’s deeper, moodier cousins. Light tan with orange hints brightens things up. Taupe is a no-fuss neutral with gray undertones. And chocolate brown adds a dramatic punch. Browns give off a welcoming, earthy vibe.


This popular hybrid mixing gray and beige is a foolproof match for beige walls. The subtle contrast between the tones keeps things interesting without clashing. Greige’s mineral gray notes feel soothing and refined.

Best Contrasting Curtain Colors for Beige Walls

While neutrals play it safe, don’t be afraid to make a bold color statement with your curtains against beige walls. Vibrant hues pop beautifully against the muted backdrop.

Yellow (Golden, Mustard, Butter)

From sunshiny brights to mellow mustard, yellow energizes beige. Gold and mustard yellow with glinting metallic accents can create an exotic Moroccan oasis. Sheer butter yellow filters light perfectly in kitchens or bathrooms.

Green (Olive, Moss, Spring)

Today’s trending greens represent nature with colors like deep olive, refreshing mint, and woodsy forest tones. Pair them with beige walls for an organic modern or Boho look. Add botanical prints on toss pillows to complement green curtains.

Red (Russet, Rust, Terracotta)

Reds are having a moment right now. Deep rusty reds reminiscent of clay or terracotta mingle nicely with beige’s warm, brownish undertones. Muted reds prevent garishness. Throw in earthy elements like jute rugs, reclaimed wood, and copper.

Pink (Blush, Magenta, Fuchsia)

From barely-there blush to playful pops of magenta or fuchsia, pink makes beige walls sing. Soft pinks create a dreamy romantic bedroom. Raspberry pink injects fun into kids’ rooms. Hot pink electrifies modern spaces.

Blue (Navy, Aqua, Sky)

Crisp navy elicits a nautical New England Cape Cod feel against beige walls. Vibrant aquas are energizing and beachy. Light sky blue makes small rooms feel bigger. Needlepoint pillows with sailor motifs reinforce the maritime mood.

Style Ideas for Pairing Curtain Colors with Beige Walls

Certain color palettes naturally suit specific decor styles. Here are some ideas:


Red and gold damask curtains, dark wood furniture


Macrame and fringe on ivory curtains, rattan chairs


White sheers, light blues and grays, blonde wood


Aqua curtains, tan furniture, driftwood accents


Blush pink curtains, four poster bed, chandelier


Navy curtains, glass/metal furniture, clean lines


What if my beige has yellow/pink undertones?

If your beige walls lean yellow or pink, look for curtain colors with similar warm, peachy undertones. Blues and greens would contrast more sharply. Stick to harmonious hues.

Should length and style match?

Not necessarily – feel free to mix up your curtain lengths and styles in a room. Arbitrary “rules” about everything matching can lead to a boring, cookie-cutter look. Embrace eclectic style with mismatched windows. Just ensure colors complement each other.


Hopefully this guide gave you inspiration on how to pick stylish, harmonious curtain colors for beige walls. Tone-on-tone neutrals keep things calm and cohesive. Vibrant hues make the windows pop. Just make sure to consider the room’s existing palette and how much light it gets.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and patterns to breathe new life into your beige walls. The right curtains, combined with decor touches like throw pillows and area rugs, can transform the whole look and feel of a room. So get creative and have fun with it!