What Color Curtains Go With Grey Walls And Brown Furniture

Hey friend! So you’ve got yourself some stylish grey walls and warm brown furniture but aren’t quite sure how to pull it all together with the perfect curtain colors. Not to worry! I’ve got you covered.

Choosing curtain colors when you’ve got grey walls and brown furniture may seem tricky at first. But have no fear – with a few expert tips, you’ll have this decor dilemma solved in no time.

Why Grey and Brown Play So Nicely Together

Grey and brown might seem an unlikely pair at first glance, but they can actually work beautifully together.

The cool tones of grey provide an airy, soothing backdrop, while the earthy warmth of brown grounds the space. Grey’s neutrality allows brown’s richness to take center stage.

And because both grey and brown are neutral backdrops, they allow bolder accent colors to really pop.

So while grey and brown each have their own personalities, their ability to blend makes them ideal wall and furniture partners.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Your Curtain Color

While grey and brown make pleasing partners, you’ll need to think about a few things before choosing the perfect curtain color.

Undertones Matter

Grey paint colors can have warm, cool, or neutral undertones. So inspect your grey walls in both natural and artificial light to determine their undertone.

Cool-toned greys have hints of blue or purple, while warm greys lean towards tan, brown, or terra cotta. Neutral greys don’t skew warm or cool.

Brown Has Depth

Brown furniture comes in endless shades too – from light beiges to deep espressos. Look at your brown pieces to see if they have strong red or yellow undertones.

Lighting Sets the Mood

Consider the room’s light. North-facing rooms have cool, even light. Southern exposure brings warm light. And artificial lighting can also impact the undertones.

Achieve Your Vibe

What look are you going for? Cozy and snug? Crisp and airy? Retreat-like and peaceful? Your desired ambiance guides the curtain color.

You Do You

Most importantly, choose colors you inherently love versus what’s “supposed” to work. Your home should reflect your unique style.

Sensational Curtain Colors for Light Grey Walls

If your walls are a soft, pale grey (think dove grey or greige), you’ve got lots of gorgeous curtain options.

White Is A Wonderful Classic

Crisp white curtains paired with light grey walls and brown furniture create a timeless, elegant look.

White works with absolutely any style from farmhouse to modern. For a beachy vibe, opt for breezy linen whites.

Creamy Off-Whites Are Inviting

For a warmer, cozier feel than stark white, choose an off-white with a slight creamy or buttery undertone.

Light Blues Make a Splash

From powder blue to sky blue, pale blue curtains give light grey walls and brown furniture a fresh, uplifting feel.

Sunny Yellows Bring Joy

Buttery yellow or creamy lemon curtains brighten up a light grey and brown room. Open the curtains and let the sunshine in!

Natural Taupes Ground the Space

Earthy taupes accentuate the welcoming warmth of brown furniture, while still harmonizing with light greys.

Silvery Greys Enhance Elegance

Pearl grey or heather grey curtains are a step lighter than your walls, adding a refined modern touch.

Blushing Pinks Soften the Look

Barely pink curtains with a whisper of warmth connect to light grey’s gentler side.

Stunning Curtain Choices for Medium Grey Walls

For mid-range grey walls, from pewter to cinder, here are captivating color options to consider.

Classic White Is Always Right

A medium grey and brown room gains light and brightness with crisp white curtains. A timeless look.

Navy Blue Channels Strength

From midnight navy to soft cadet blue, navy curtains pair perfectly with medium greys to create a bold, dramatic space.

Charcoal Greys Ground the Room

Go a shade darker than your wall color with charcoal grey or gunmetal grey curtains for a tailored, polished appearance.

Vibrant Forest Greens Make a Statement

Deep emerald curtains pop against medium grey, as the brown furniture provides warmth to this cool pairing.

Wine-Hued Burgundies Bring Sophistication

The depth of burgundy curtains connects to brown furniture while complementing medium grey’s complexity.

Jewel-Toned Teals Impart Tranquility

Vivid teal curtains paired with medium grey evoke a serene aquatic color palette.

Regal Eggplants and Plums Make a Modern Pairing

Medium greys love the richness of eggplant or plum purple curtains. Sophisticated meets modern.

Daring Curtain Choices for Dark Grey Walls

For a deeper, moodier charcoal grey or grey blue wall color, select a curtain that enhances the drama.

Crisp Whites Create Contrast

Against a dark charcoal wall, bright white curtains make the room feel freshly washed.

Sophisticated Black Curtains Complete the Look

For a polished, posh appearance, hang jet black curtains on your deepest grey walls.

Matching Greys Provide Unity

Choose steel grey, pewter or mercury grey curtains in the same depth as the walls for harmonic style.

Vivid Reds Make a Daring Statement

Punchy crimson or cherry red curtains boldly accentuate dark grey while energizing all that brown.

Lush Forest Greens Create an Urban Oasis

Deep green velvet curtains bring nature into a dark grey room, connecting to brown’s organic vibe.

Navy Blues Elevate the Space

From rich navy to blue grey, marine curtains heighten the sophistication of dark grey walls.

Texture and Pattern Add Interest

Beyond color, consider texture and pattern when selecting your curtains.

Sheer linen or textured cottons filter light beautifully. Velvety curtains create an indulgent, luxe look.

Subtle patterns like stripes, trellis or ikat prints can provide visual depth without overwhelming.

Or make the curtains the focal point with an oversized floral, foulard or abstract print.

Have fun with it and pick a texture and print that excites your inner decor lover!

Creative Ways to Layer Window Treatments

Why choose just one window treatment when you can combine styles for extra dimension?

Hang breezy sheers behind your solid curtains to filter light during the day. Close the solids at night for privacy.

Or frame your curtains with textured linen valances at the top to add architectural detail.

You can also layer complementary colors, like navy sheers with emerald green solid curtains.

And don’t forget the finishing touch of decorative curtain tiebacks to pull the whole layered look together.

Pulling It All Together

Grey and brown are a dynamite combo. When paired with curtains in colors you adore, this neutral base allows your personal style to take center stage.

As you’ve seen, the curtain color possibilities are endless! So whether you love airy blues, vintage roses, rich velvets or retro geometric prints, your ideal curtains are out there.

Trust your instincts, and choose colors and patterns that bring you joy. Curtains frame your view after all, so they should reflect your unique perspective.

Your home tells your style story. So explore, get creative, and start narrating!